Malware Temporary Shutdown


As many of you may have noticed, the DSS Circuits website and forum has been offline for the last few days.  Malware was detected on our website and as such our hosting provider decided to take our site offline.  We have worked with our service provider and performed all necessary updates to alleviate the issue.  The site is now back online. We are currently having some issues with our email system due to a new firewall configuration. The email issue should be resolved within the next 24 hours.  

All orders that were pending during the service outage have been filled. 

Again we apologize for any inconvience this may have caused.




Wayne Truchsess

DSS Circuits

Back Online and New Pricing All Around!!!!

Well we appear to have successfully implemented all the necessary security updates to make the hosting provider happy! So we're finally back up and running.  It looks as though everything is working correctly, however if you come across problems or dead links please drop us a line.


While upgrading the site I decided to revisit some of the pricing of our products.  We had a good year at DSS Circuits and as such have been able to start buying supplies in larger quantities.  Normally this translates into higher profits but what the heck, I decided to pass on the savings to everyone!




Wayne Truchsess

DSS Circuits, Inc.


Geogram ONE Available For Sale!!!

Well after months of prep work and a few hiccups along the way, we've finally made the Geogram ONE available for sale.  I have several more in my possesion that I still need to test before putting in stock so if it's out of stock, simply check back in a few days. I also have another large order in process that I anticipate taking delivery within the next few weeks. 


Over the next few days/weeks I'll be putting together more documentation on the device and possibly starting a wiki.


Again I want to thank everyone that contrbuted to the Kickstarter campaign and everything else to make this possible.  I hope you all have as much fun with it as I have been having!!


Wayne Truchsess

DSS Circuits, Inc.


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